A Video Update from our Sponsee, Katy Goring

A Video Update from our Sponsee, Katy Goring

Jun 4, 2020

It’s been quite some time since we last updated you on our sponsee, Katy’s, showjumping progress. 2019 was the year Mark’s daughter, Katy, entered into what will be her final 2 years competing in pony classes. She has clear goals for what she hopes to achieve during this time and it became apparent that some financial support in the form of sponsorship would help her achieve her dream of success.

This is our first foray into sponsorship and it didn’t come easily to Katy, despite being a family member. She still had to apply!

We have found sponsorship to be a very rewarding experience. Katy is a dedicated and hard working sponsee and we have been proud to play a small part in her achievements. The last year has not been without its challenges and, along with the current pandemic, many of Katy’s ambitions are temporarily on hold.

However, she has dealt with the setbacks and disappointment in her typically pragmatic manner, constantly impressing us with her mature outlook and refusal to become disheartened.

Katy has put together a short video update. Please watch and enjoy…

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