Coal Seam Drilling – Important Update

Coal Seam Drilling – Important Update


The Coal Authority has recently updated their guidance for drilling and treating sites affected by historical mine working and coal seams.

To maintain our compliance whilst delivering a cost-effective package for our clients, we have developed our existing water re-circulation system. Water flush drilling will always be slower than air flush, but our revised system minimises set up time and reduces the amount of spoil at each borehole position so that our crew spend more time drilling than they do tidying up.

With their new guidance, The Coal Authority is putting greater emphasis than ever on safe drilling practices, with the intention of carrying out more site visits to ensure compliance. As the owner, developer or consultant, a greater responsibility is being placed upon you to ensure you appoint a contractor who is experienced at this type of work and suitably qualified. In failing to do so, you are risking delays with your project and the possibility of prosecution.

Don’t take the risk. Appoint us as your contractor and ensure all the boxes are ticked.

A copy of the updated guidance is available via this link…

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