Flooding & Autumn Weather

Flooding & Autumn Weather


Water, water everywhere…

November 2019 will be remembered for many things, including the rainfall.

Based in Lincolnshire, we’ve seen first hand the alarming effects the floods have had on homes and businesses in the surrounding areas and we have assured our customers that we will assist however we can.

How has it affected us? Luckily, we haven’t been flooded but there is no doubt that the wet ground conditions disrupts our business. The task of transporting rigs and machinery around soft ground and then working in those conditions presents many challenges. However, we can’t stop for rain otherwise we’d never be busy! So the objective is to carry out our work efficiently and thoroughly, whilst minimising damage and disruption for landowners and (above all else) doing so safely.



Sometimes, this requires thinking outside the box – mounting a small augering rig onto a tracked dumper to carry out a mineral survey, for example. Other times, it’s demonstrating to the client that we’re making every effort possible by having a tracked dumper on site to carry heavy drill rods to spare the drillers and avoid our vehicles creating wheel ruts. It’s equipping our crews with high quality wet weather gear and appropriate PPE and ensuring they have received the appropriate training to know how to keep themselves safe while carrying out their work.

There is no escaping the fact that this weather makes our job harder, but it certainly keeps it interesting!

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