New Website Launch! A Welcome from Helen at SIS Drill

Director, Helen

Hi and welcome to the new and improved version of our website!

I’m one of the directors here at SIS Drill and would like to mark the website re-launch by telling you a little about my vision for SIS and our future. So, you might want to make a cuppa and get comfy.

To say this last year has been an unusual one is obviously an understatement and not a day has gone by where I haven’t considered how fortunate we are to work within an industry that is currently thriving, not just surviving. And it is my intention for SIS Drill to embrace this opportunity to do the same.

To kick things off, I thought we should refresh our website.

My hope is it conveys all the important stuff a website should, but for it to be more reflective of the character of SIS Drill. The theme running through the website is the ethos of ‘big company capability, small company customer service.’

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What do I mean by that?

In terms of capability, we offer everything a larger company can. A highly skilled, experienced and qualified workforce. A full scope of services in-house for rotary, cable percussion and window sampling. Full administrative support, whether it be the provision of RAMS, ordering a skip for site or applying for a Permit to Drill. And we do all that whilst maintaining the level of customer service that you would expect from a small business.

If you call us, we answer the phone and deal with your enquiry straight away. No voicemails, call answering systems or waiting for someone to ring you back. If you ring and say, ‘You might not remember, but you did a job for us 6 years ago……’ We’ll not only remember doing the job, but we’ll still have a copy of the borehole log and recall that it happened to be raining that day too!

In simple terms, because we too run a business, we know all the things we find frustrating when dealing with larger organisations. So, our pledge to our customers is to provide the easy and hassle- free kind of service that we would hope to receive.

What next for us and SIS Drill?

Firstly, we have an exciting new addition to our rotary fleet due to arrive in July. As the demands upon our industry evolve, so do we. We’ve spent a great deal of time speaking to our customers to find out what it is they need from us and, having lost count of the number of 3D drawings that have pinged back and forth, we really do feel we’ve hit the nail on the head. We look forward to offering this new technology along with improved availability to clients, old and new.

Inevitably, an expansion in capabilities requires an expansion of the workforce and so we’re using this time wisely. We currently have several members of staff advancing their existing NVQ in Land Drilling, enhancing our strong and experienced team of drillers.

But it isn’t just our own workforce we are providing opportunities for.

Last year, I was one of several local business people asked to deliver a Zoom talk (what else?!) to a college in our hometown of Gainsborough. My brief was to inspire and motivate a group of young people who had fallen through the cracks of the education system and in need of some reassurance that all hope was not lost.

I came away with a reality check as to just how many young people in our area are merely treading water, due to lack of stability, support and encouragement. It saddens me to think that at just 16 or 17 years old, someone can be resigned to the belief that they’ll never have a good job with decent pay and all the opportunities that come with it.

So, I’ve made a commitment on behalf of SIS to develop a mentoring scheme with the local college that will partner myself and our drillers up with students who could benefit from such a scheme.

I know a major challenge for young people is the old catch 22 – you can’t get a job because you lack experience. But you can’t get experience because you can’t get a job.

I hope to encourage other companies to jump on board to develop a local network of support and work experience opportunities, so that each of these young people have someone who can vouch for them and their ability to work. Watch this space!

We have plenty to keep us out of mischief and lots to look forward to. If you’re a customer we haven’t seen for a while, get in touch and update us about your own business, what your aspirations for it are and how we can help you achieve them.

If you’ve just come across us at SIS Drill and think we sound like the team you could work with, you’ll be right, so give us a call.

Or better still, why not pop in instead? I might even pop the kettle on!

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