Water Wells

Water is a vital and, often, expensive resource.

For a one-off installation cost, a water well is a simple and cost-effective means of supplying water to your home, business or leisure activity all year round.

In most cases, you are permitted to extract from the ground up to 20 m/3 of water every 24 hours without the need for an Abstraction Licence.

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We don’t believe in the hard sell. Our water wells sell themselves

What We Can Offer
  • Initial prognosis
  • Drilling and construction of the borehole to ground level
  • Supply and installation of purpose-designed materials
  • Water analysis
  • Pump and filtration supply and fitting
  • Borehole decommissioning
Easier Than You Think

A water well is a low maintenance and budget friendly means of supplying up to 20 m/3 of water per 24 hours to your home, business or leisure activity.

Work can usually be completed within 3-4 days and the borehole can be supplying water within a week. We use durable, purpose designed materials to fully line our boreholes to minimise turbidity and avoid contamination from external sources. As well as the construction of the borehole, we can offer a turnkey solution for pump supply and installation, if required.

Call or email us today with a site location and we will provide you with a free, no obligation quote for your new borehole.

Borehole De-Commissioning

If an old borehole has reached the end of its life or is discovered during a development or excavation process, there is a requirement for it to be effectively de-commissioned so that it doesn’t compromise the stability of structures nearby or contaminate local water sources. 

If a borehole isn’t de-commissioned correctly in the first instance, it will almost certainly need further remediation that will be both more costly and disruptive. 

De-commissioning old wells in Lincolnshire and surrounding areas is something we have a wealth of experience and expertise in, especially in artesian conditions. 

Using high pressure grouting methods as well as packer systems where the water is highly pressurised, we will de-commission your borehole to a standard that will satisfy The Environment Agency, the local authority and, most importantly, provide you with peace of mind. 

Why risk waiting for it to become a problem? Let’s get it sorted now.

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Our Equipment



We have a selection of Rotary options to cover all types of site access requirements and scopes of work, using a variety of techniques and flush mediums.

We transport our rigs and ancillary equipment in-house without using low-loaders, making our mobilisation both cost effective and easy to accommodate, especially in residential areas.

Using Beretta and Comacchio rigs, we tick all the boxes for geotechnical work, including window sampling, coring, open hole drilling and augering.

Rotary drilling doesn’t need to break the bank and we are here to show you how

Window Sampling/DCP

Window Sampling/DCP

The Dando Terrier is a versatile, small machine that delivers an accurate analysis of the ground, creating very little disturbance to the site and the ground being sampled.

Ideal for minimum access or sensitive sites.

Cable Percussive

Cable Percussive

Cable Percussion is a trusted method of drilling unconsolidated ground. With various tooling options and casing diameters available, as well as UT100 capability and UXO survey compatible casing, our rigs are perfectly equipped for all types of site investigation or exploratory work