Site Investigation

A good site investigation eliminates the guesswork, aids the planning process and reduces the risk of unexpected and costly delays further down the line. We are equipped to carry out all aspects of geotechnical work, including in-situ sampling and testing, water and gas monitoring installations and core recovery.

With multiple rigs, plant and equipment, we can assist with all phases of site investigation, from trial pitting and infiltration testing to contaminated land surveys and mineral exploration, removing the expense of having multiple contractors on site. Rigs and sampling equipment are routinely tested and calibrated, ensuring a safe and accurate result.

If you require reporting or laboratory testing, we have a trusted network of professionals and suppliers to collaborate with us on your job, helping to keep costs down.

What We Can Offer
  • Desktop Study
  • Factual/Interpretative Report
  • Flood Risk Assessment
  • Coal Mining Risk Assessment
  • Contaminated Land Surveys
  • Mineral and Quarry Surveys
  • Archaeological Surveys
  • Piling and Foundation Surveys
Admin Support

We understand how time consuming and frustrating paperwork and red tape can be.

For that reason, we offer what many drilling contractors cannot – a single point of contact for your project to provide full administrative support throughout.

We understand that not everyone has the time or inclination to spend liaising with various different suppliers and authorities, so we do that for you.

Applying for permits, filing reports, liaising with departments and chasing people up is all part of our service and you can leave it to us.

In simple terms, we love the jobs you hate!

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Our Equipment



We have a selection of Rotary options to cover all types of site access requirements and scopes of work, using a variety of techniques and flush mediums.

We transport our rigs and ancillary equipment in-house without using low-loaders, making our mobilisation both cost effective and easy to accommodate, especially in residential areas.

Using Beretta and Comacchio rigs, we tick all the boxes for geotechnical work, including window sampling, coring, open hole drilling and augering.

Rotary drilling doesn’t need to break the bank and we are here to show you how

Window Sampling/DCP

Window Sampling/DCP

The Dando Terrier is a versatile, small machine that delivers an accurate analysis of the ground, creating very little disturbance to the site and the ground being sampled.

Ideal for minimum access or sensitive sites.

Cable Percussive

Cable Percussive

Cable Percussion is a trusted method of drilling unconsolidated ground. With various tooling options and casing diameters available, as well as UT100 capability and UXO survey compatible casing, our rigs are perfectly equipped for all types of site investigation or exploratory work